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Warwick Labour logo, with lowered opacity, serving as background image.

Welcome to the University of Warwick Labour Society! As a society we’re committed to the aims and values of the labour movement, seeking out every avenue to advance liberation, equality, and social justice. We’re one of the most active university political societies in the country, holding regular events, talks, and socials. We also campaign heavily both on campus and throughout Warwickshire, Leamington, Coventry — and further afield too.

Meet the Exec!

Warwick Labour is run by its Executive Committee, elected at the society's Annual General Meeting at the end of term 2. Feel free to message any of our friendly 'Exec' if you have any questions about the society!


The current Exec as elected in March 2023 can be seen below.





Photo of Co-Chair John Challenger

Hi I'm John, a Maths student going into my 3rd year and the Chair of the society this year! My job is to make sure everything runs smoothly and that the society is having as much impact as possible. I'm also an avid badminton player, so hit me up if you want a rally!

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